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E-waste is a challenge for every corporate environment.  Whether it is a drawer full of old mobile phones or retired technology from corporate upgrades or rightsizing, is a natural choice for your recycling needs. can provide you with remarketing options to maximize the return on your IT investment. 

ABOUT US provides recycling services for most electronic devices serving the Kansas City area. is a great place to safely and responsibly recycle your personal and corporate electronics that are no longer being used.  

OUR VISION understands the importance of secure e-waste management.  While providing a secure service to dispose of unneeded electronic devices, we understand the value in a recycled device.  It is our mission to provide you with real market values and provide top dollar for any marketable device that is recycled.

  • Maximize Value

  • Data Security

  • Environmentally Responsible

  • Corporate Reporting

  • Refurbish and Redeploy 

  • Nationwide Services

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