top of page is a full service computer recycling center providing both corporate and consumer electronic recycling in the Greater Kansas City Area.  Located in Shawnee, KS is centrally located to serve the metro Kansas City area and all of the communities in Johnson Couty.


Organizations in the Greater Kansas City area have multiple options to choose when considering a recycling partner.  Choosing is a logical decision for small and mid size companies looking to responsibly remove technology assets and recoup any residual value for these assets. is small enough to cater a plan to fit any small or mid size business while large enough to handle larger corporations. does not require our clients to EVER sign a contract for future business.  We base every opportunity with the assets at hand.  We have learned by doing this we are not tying our clients down but if we provide a service that meets or exceeds our clients expectation, then there is no reason to shop around or leave.


Some clients opt to have all equipment recycled and not remarketed for security reasons.  This service is also an option that we can fully comply with offering certificates of destruction and ALWAYS sending the recyclables to a certified R2 recycler for final shred.  Choosing only authorized R2 facilities closes the loop offering a complete solution and verifying that all components are broken down to a commodity level.


Data security is of the utmost importance.  Whether we are handling mobile devices, desktop computers, servers, disk arrays, or external storage devices, every item is handled with data security as the most important aspect of any project. provides services which will completely wipe a device clean with no chance of the data ever being retrieved.  This is the  DoD 5220.22-M data security standard.  Physical destruction is also an option that some clients request.  


If your organization is outside of the Greater Kansas City area, we can facilitate a pickup by FedEX Freight or any other "NATIONAL" carrier to securely transport your equipment to be processed.  FedEx Freight is the carrier of choice due to the claims / loss ratio of material delivered.  They have the highest deliverability rate in the industry offering several different service levels depending on the senstivity of your equipment. will never send a "Trusted Partner" or "Certifed Parnter" in to do a pickup.  Many other recyclers use these so called "Trusted or Certified" partners to do the pickup.  Often times the product never makes it back to the facility in which you hired in the first place to be processed.  In this scenario you lose absolute control of securing the assets.  We do offer pack services which gets the assets ready to ship by a National carrier but the assets are picked up from your location and securely transported to our recycling facility to be processed.  No middle man is ever inovled in processing your equipment. accepts all types of devices for recycling including e-waste, industrial equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, computer and electronic scrap, and personal electronics.  Click here for a full list of items that can be recycled.


At our Shawnee, KS facility, we offer FREE drop off of most consumer electronic devices and computer related items.  One of our friendly staff will help you unload your vehicle in a safe, clean, and professional environment.  All of our employees are initially screened for felony convictions and any drug related convictions.  Drug testing is an ongoing process to insure that we only have the highest quality people in our organization.  


Most items are free to drop off and properly dispose of.  There may be a fee associated with certain services or items.  Please inquire with personnel for details.


All items on our acceptable items list can be dropped off during normal business hours.  Any items dropped off after hours without prior notification will be evaluated by our surveillance equipment and turned over to the Shawnee Police Department for disposal of hazzardous materials without prior authorization. has initiatives in the following communities in the Greater Kansas City area for electronic recycling.  

Basehor Ks, Belton Mo, Blue Springs Mo, Bonner Springs Ks, Buckner Mo, Bucyrus Ks, Camden Point Mo, Clearview City Ks,De Soto Ks, Edgerton Mo, Edwardsville Ks, Excelsior Springs Mo, Farley Mo, Fort Leavenworth Ks, Gardner Ks, Grain Valley Mo, Grandview Mo, Greenwood Mo, Holt Mo,Independence Mo, Kansas City Ks, Kansas City Mo, Kearney Mo, Lansing Ks, Leavenworth Ks, Leawood Ks, Lees Summit Mo, Lenexa Ks, Levasy Mo, Liberty Mo, Linwood Ks, Lone Jack Mo, Mission Ks, Missouri City Mo, Mosby Mo, Napoleon Mo, New Century Ks, Oak Grove Mo,Olathe Ks, Orrick Mo, Overland Park Ks, Parkville Mo, Peculiar Mo, Platte City Mo, Pleasant Hill Mo, Prairie Village Ks, Raymore Mo, Riverside Mo, Shawnee Ks, Shawnee Mission Ks ,Sibley Mo, Smithville Mo, Spring Hill Ks , Stilwell Ks, Tonganoxie Ks, Trimble Mo,Waldron Mo, Weston Mo has initiatives in the following communities in the Greater kansas City area for the following zip codes.  

66007, 64012, 64015, 64013,64014, 66012, 64016, 66013, 64018, 66019, 66018, 64444, 66113, 64024, 64028, 66027,66030, 64029, 64030, 64034, 64048, 64053, 64052, 64054, 64051, 64050, 64055, 64056,64057, 64058, 66118, 66101, 66110, 66119, 66117, 66105, 66115, 66103, 66160, 66102,66104, 66106, 66112, 66111, 66109, 64060, 66043, 66048, 66206, 66211, 66209, 64065,64002, 64064, 64081, 64063, 64082, 64086, 66285, 66215, 66219, 66220, 66227, 64066,64069, 64068, 66052, 64070, 66205, 66201, 66202, 66222, 64072, 64073, 64074, 66031,64075, 66051, 66063, 66062, 66061, 64077, 66225, 66282, 66283, 66204, 66207, 66212,66214, 66251, 66210, 66213, 66224, 66223, 66221, 64078, 64079, 64080, 66208, 64083,64150, 66203, 66216, 66217, 66218, 66226, 66286, 66250, 66276, 64088, 64089, 66083,66085, 66086, 64492, 64092, 64098


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