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Q  Is there any value or how is the value determined based on my particular item?

A has industry tools that allows us to see what similar items are actually being sold for at various venues.


Q  What types of items does recycle?

A  Consumer electronics: mobile devices, ipods, tablets, computers, printers, lcd monitors, gaming consoles,etc

A  Corporate electronics: desktop computers, laptops, lcd monitors, servers, ups, phone systems, networking equipment, projectors, printers, copiers


Q  Are there any items that does not accept?

A  Yes.  CRT (tube style) televisions and monitors cannot be accepted.  Flat screen monitors and televisions are okay to recycle.  In addition we do not accept appliances, construction materials, or any type of hazardous materials.   (There may be other items too.  Please contact us with any item that is in question)


Q  Do you purchase any items?

A  Yes there are certain items that we do purchase.  Send a list of your assets through the notes area of the Contact page and someone will promptly reply to your message.  


Q  What is the charge to have items picked up?

A  Charges for pickup depend on location, access, type and quantity of items to be picked up.  


Q  Do I need to call ahead to drop items off?

A  No.  You are welcome to drop off your items without an appointment during normal business hours.  Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  One of our friendly staff would be happy to assist with unloading.

Q  How do I arrange a corporate pickup?

A  Go to Contact page and fill in your information.  We will promptly contact you to get more information and arrange a pickup with you at your convenience.

Q  What happens to my device once I turn it in?  

A  If the item is in good remarketable condition, it will be thoroughly tested and cleaned, then marketed for sale.  If the item is in less than marketable condition, then it will be sent to one of our recycling partners to be shredded and sold at a material level.

Q  I see that you have a redeployment program.  How does this work?

A  Our redeployment program is geared for organizations who may have a takeout at one location, then need certain items redeployed back to other locations. can handle all of the logistics and back end work to make this as seamless as possible for the corporate client.  


Q  What type of audit do you do on equipment that is sent in to be recycled?

A  For corporate accounts, A thorough audit of  every item sent in will be done.  This will include a power on test, and any information about the item will be collected.  This includes model number, serial number, configurations, cosmetic condition, functionality testing, missing parts or components, and page counts (if a printer, copier, scanner).  If the item is determined to be scrap, the audit process does not apply.  

Q  How long does it take to recieve information regarding the audit?

A  Typical audits are done within 5 business days.  Depending on the volume of assets being recycled, this could take longer and your assigned representative will provide you with a timeline and information regarding your audit.  


Q  How do you erase the data from a device?

A  We have a data destruction lab specifically used to wipe drives.  Each drive will go through a seven step process insuring that there is not any data left on the drive.  The industry definition for this is DoD5220.22-M.  It is a Department of Defense standard in securely erasing data on hard drives.  It is the most secure way to insure that your data is safely removed from your device.


Q  I am outside of the Kansas City area, can you still help me recycle?

A  Yes.  Depending on the items you are trying to recycle, we can schedule a pickup or if it makes more sense, refer you to one of our many recycling partners located in your area.  


Q  Do any of the items that are recycled, end up in landfills or exported?  

A  NO.  Each item that cannot be remarketed is transported to a R2 compliant shredding facility.  Once received, the items are shredded and the materials are then separated and sold as a commodity.  This is the surest way to close the loop on recycling and make sure that items don't end up in landfills or pollute other natural resources.


Q  Are my computers too old to recycle?

A  Surprisingly not.  Older electronics may not have the marketability of a newer item, however it is always best to send your electronics in to be recycled to make sure that they are handled properly and that they do not end up being disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly manner.


Q  Do you provide any Transfer of Liability documentation for recycled items?

A  For corporate customers we can provide you with Transfer of Liability documentation.  


Q  Do you erase every hard drive that comes into your facility?

A  No.  It is your responsibility to advise us of any data destruction.  A fee may be associated with secure data destruction and all documentation will be provided to you after destruction is complete.


Q  As a corporation, why choose

A  As a small locally owned business, our overhead is lower than other organizations who may be operating in multiple cities.  What this means for you is higher returns for marketable equipment.  We have a very efficient model which helps reduce overall overhead.  Many recyclers want to be a one size fits all type of organization.  Doing this promotes higher overhead reducing any value of your marketable items.  


Q  Do you accept surplus and used printer cartridges or other supplies?

A  Yes we do accept all sorts of surplus office supplies and equipment including printer cartridges, empty cartridges, ribbons, and data tapes.  


Q  How large is your facility and do you offer assistance in loading and unloading?

A currently occupies over 9000 square feet of warehouse / industrial space located in Johnson County.  We provide a clean and safe place to do business.  We ALWAYS have friendly staff available to help load and unload any recycleables during normal business hours.



Frequently Asked Questions works hard to make it easy to do business with.  We don't tie you up in complicated contracts.  We simply make recycling your unwanted electronics as secure and painless as possible.  Feel free to contact us for more information on your project. 


We have tried to address the most frequently asked questions that we see on a daily basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular opportunity.

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