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E-waste is a challenge for every corporate environment.  Whether it is a drawer full of old mobile phones or retired technology from corporate upgrades or rightsizing, is a natural choice for organizations of any size. serves the greater Kansas City area with a responsible way to securely dispose of your unwanted devices.  


Return on investment is calculated when evaluating the financial consequences of investments and actions. provides you with real world values of your retired assets bringing you the highest value for your items.  


When retiring IT Assets, Data Security is of the utmost importance.  Insuring that your confidential data is never compromised, offers a data wiping solution that adheres to the Department Of Defense overwriting data seven times insuring that it cannot ever be recovered.  This practice is DoD 5220.22-M.  


Adhering to environmental best practices is paramount.  Our primary goal is to remarket all assets and recover any marketable value for your items.  In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged or not marketable, has partnered with recycling agencies that comply with all e-waste standards to insure that each item is responsibly recycled.  


Having visibility to items removed from service and having a detailed audit trail is part of our standard program. has the ability to provide granular audit information to conform with any client requirement.  


The ability to redeploy assets from one environment to the next is the absolute best way to improve the return on investment of any asset. works closely to understand the needs of the client and help them redeploy assets in their organization.


Centrally located in Shawnee Kansas allows the ability to provide cost effective removal services anywhere in the nation.  

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